Henkel Corp. has introduced the new Loctite ResinAid curing system, a self-contained UV/visible light cure system that quickly and consistently produces high-quality hearing aid shells using Loctite ResinAid molding compounds. Simple to operate and program, the Loctite ResinAid curing system is an 18" W x 43" H x 27" D chamber designed for batch curing of hearing aid shells. The curing chamber is fully shielded and interlocked to ensure safe operation, and is air cooled, preventing devices from overheating. The chamber's reflector design provides uniform light distribution for rapid, consistent cure. The system's top loading, 8x8-inch curing chamber can irradiate multiple assemblies simultaneously with UV and visible light while blanketing the parts with inert gas to ensure excellent surface gloss. Multiple timers allow operators to prepare hearing aid shells using a variety of Loctite ResinAid products without resetting individual timers. In addition, the system's timed, inert blanketing option provides for tack-free shell surfaces with minimal gas usage.

For more information, visit http://www.loctite.com/medical or call (800) 323-5106.