Merlin Packaging Technologies' team has dedicated itself to providing the "complete professional customer-service experience" when it comes to production packaging, contract packaging or custom packaging for adhesive manufacturers and other adhesive and sealant users.

Merlin's team has over 25 years of adhesive application, dispensing and packaging expertise. Trained professionals in all aspects of packaging, quality control and application engineering are on staff.

Merlin offers multiple repackaging options from Ratio-Pak®, SuperMix® II, MixPac® and Systems IITM dual-dispense systems, single-component cartridges, syringes, and our own "Pro-Pak" adhesive-clip system, to name a few. We offer contract-packaging services for epoxies, urethanes, silicones, acrylics, polysulfides, polyesters, greases, lubricants, paints and waxes.

Our services include:

  • Dual Cartridges
  • Single and Dual Components
  • Mix Freeze Syringes
  • Pro-Pak Adhesive Clip System
  • Bottles, Cans, Jars
  • Caulking Tubes
  • Field Kits/Demo Kits
  • Metal/Plastic Collapsible Tubes
  • Order Fulfillment

Merlin takes pride in our approach to quality, so much so that we have incorporated our "Gold Star Quality Control" program. All orders are double-inspected for accuracy, label position, neatness and proper shipping. Only then do they receive our "Gold Star" seal of quality. With years of combined experience in adhesive application, Merlin provides a total professional approach from start to finish. We constantly strive for customer-service perfection.

For additional information or assistance,

contact Nelson Smith at Merlin Packaging Technologies

5505 Chantry Dr. • Columbus, OH 43232

(888) 648-7878 • Fax: 614) 751-0458