Goodyear Chemical has announced the launch of a significant new technology under the Serel TPE masterbatch trade name that can be combined with styrenic block copolymers (SBC) and EPDM TPV's to produce new compounds with special performance benefits. "This new technology," points out Meg Noethen, business manager, TPE/Plastics, Goodyear Chemical, "will help compounders compete in applications where current TPE offerings are lacking." To be commercialized on June 28, the new Serel TPE masterbatch products are solution styrene butadiene rubber (S-SBR) in pellet form. They will be offered in pre-crosslinked and crosslinkable forms that offer TPE compounders new design latitude and creativity. "Our customers," noted Noethen, "will be able to produce hybrid compounds based on Serel masterbatch that have improved performance for such applications as soft grip and seals, while maintaining such TPE benefits as reduced cycle time and design flexibility." Performance benefits include improved oil resistance, compression set, compression stress relaxation and wet coefficient of friction for both SBC's and EDPM TPV's. Serel masterbatch also has the added benefit of raising the useful temperature range of SEBS (a form of SBC).