Presentations and papers from past ASC conventions, including the recent 2004 Spring Convention & Expo, are available in ASC's extensive library of resources for industry professionals. Accessible at, ASC's library of papers from past events includes spring and fall conventions dating to 1995, short courses on waterborne adhesives (2004), reactives, urethanes, hot melts, pressure sensitive adhesives, caulks and sealants, and wood adhesion. The library also includes seminar presentations on topics including adhesives in automotive interior applications, adhesives from natural sources, and adhesives for product assembly. Papers from past conventions cover a wide range of issues and topics within the industry. The most recent convention with presentations available, the 2004 Spring Convention & Expo, held on April 18-21, features various papers in the following areas: Market Trends and a Global Perspective; Developments in Adhesive and Sealant Application and Evaluation; The Growing Impact of Volatile Organic Compounds; Advances in Adhesive and Sealant Raw Material Technology; Practical Tools for the 21st Century Business; Best Management Practices; Expanding the Envelope of Performance and Use of Waterborne Adhesives; and Production Equipment.

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