Devcon, a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of repair compounds and adhesives, has received an American Eagle Award for its commitment to education. The awards, bestowed annually by the Industrial Supply Manufacturers Asssociation (ISMA), recognize corporate activities that best promote the principles of the American free enterprise system. Devcon, a business unit of Illinois Tool works, was chosen winner in the "Community/Corporate Education Commitment" category. Devcon reimburses its employees for job-related courses and offers scholarships to their dependents. When a sales representative died recently, the company established a scholarship for his daughter and many salespeople pledged to make annual contributions for five years. Devcon is also a mainstay of New England's Junior Achievement program, which helps students understand the American economic system. The company donates at least $1,400 to the program every year, and two Devcon executives donate their time teaching classes in applied economics at the local high school. One of the classroom volunteers is Devcon market development manager David Bongiorni, who accepted the award plaque at ISMA's annual membership meeting May 24 in Orlando, FL. In recognition of Devcon's commitment to education, ISMA will fund a $500 scholarship to be awarded by Devcon to a student or school of the company's choosing. "Education is key to a brighter future," said Bongiorni. "Whether we help an employee learn a new computer program, help that employee's kid get to college, or reach out to the community with other projects, it all pays off eventually. It's a long-term investment in people."

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