Creo Inc. and Acucote Inc. have announced an exclusive agreement to produce security label printing stocks. The self-adhesive label stocks will combine Creo Traceless taggants into Acucote label materials, which will be sold to label converters for the manufacture of product labels for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, apparel, and food and beverage industries, among others. The Creo Traceless marking and sensing system incorporates a patented new technology that allows for the creation of unique, forensically-invisible identification codes. These codes can be used for anti-counterfeiting, inventory management, product tracking and tracing, or brand authentication. Only Creo readers can detect the presence of the security taggants. In addition to product label stock, Creo taggants can be added to paper pulp or woven fibers, printing inks, copier and printer toners, varnishes, sprays, powders, fertilizers and explosives, among other materials.For more information, visit