Loveland, OH-based Henline Adhesive Equipment Company Inc. (HAECO) has announced the development of a high-production automatic glazing system for Action Windoor Technologies. Delivering increased productivity, the Auto-Glaze 7296 Table applies glazing sealant at up to 70 ft./minute to wood, vinyl and aluminum windows. The Auto-Glaze system produced for Action Windoor offers three different glazing heights with the Nordson BM200 bulkmelter. As a result of the three glazing height options, the system is able to run three different styles of profiles without requiring the operator to make changes to the machine. Prior to incorporating the machine into their process, Action Windoor applied glazing tape by hand, which is a very time-consuming task. The Auto-Glaze table has allowed the company to automate the glazing process, resulting in increased output with reduced production time.For more information, visit http://www.haeco.usor call (800) 852-3522.