The Adhesive Sourcebook, Vol. 4 is a 148-page comprehensive resource guide from Henkel Technologies updated to include the company's complete line of more than 1,400 Loctite adhesive, sealant, coating and lubricant products, as well as dispensing and curing equipment. The easy-to-use Adhesive Sourcebook is organized info four major application categories: engineering adhesives and assembly products for production applications; medical adhesives and sealants for medical device manufacturing; MRO products for maintenance and repair operations; and dispensing and curing equipment. Each of these four major applications is divided into individual functional categories to help readers choose the right product for their specific application. To make The Adhesive Sourcebook even more user-friendly, selector guides are available for most product categories, including dispensing and curing equipment. These selector guides provide detailed product descriptions and technical information in an at-a-glance format.

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