Polysciences, Inc. has developed benzhydryl methacrylate, a unique specialty monomer for manufacturing ophthalmic lenses requiring a high refractive index. With a purity of 99 percent or greater, the monomer is an ideal component of polymer formulations for contact lenses and intraocular lens implants. Polysciences produces an extensive line of ophthalmic-quality monomers used in eyeglass lenses, contact lenses and intraocular lens implants. These monomers make it possible to manufacture lenses with a wide variety of attributes, including hard, soft, water permeable, water impermeable, and UV light absorbing. "as a leading producer of specialty, ultra-pure monomers and polymers, we have products to answer virtually any need that medical device manufacturers may have," said Debra Sesholtz, lab product business manager at Polysciences. "We can deliver chemicals with very high purity levels. We can fill orders in either bulk or batch quantities. And while we offer a broad line of `off-the-shelf' products for medical applications, we also regularly work with customers to develop specialty chemicals that meet their specific needs."

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