SHROPSHIRE, U.K. — A new report from Rapra Technology,Adhesives and Sealants – Technology, Applications and Markets, covers the global technology and markets for liquid, solid and film adhesives and sealants. It describes the chemistry and technology involved in producing and using each adhesive and sealant type, outlines the factors to be considered in selection and illustrates appropriate applications for each material.

Adhesive types covered include acrylics, epoxies, urethanes, hot melts, UV systems, solvent-based systems, water-based systems and pressure sensitive adhesives. The main sealant technologies include RTV silicones, polyurethanes, latex, polysulfide and vinyl plastisols. The additives involved in adhesive and sealant manufacture are also discussed.

The report provides global market data, focusing on Western Europe and North America with additional information about the emerging markets in the Far East and Latin America. The major markets considered are construction, packaging and labeling, transportation, product assembly, medical, textiles and carpets.

The author, Dr. Dave Dunn, is president of FLD Enterprises Inc., a U.S.-based technical consulting firm, specializing in adhesives and sealants. He also produces ASI’s monthly Ask Dr. Dave question and answer column.

The report is available from or from Publications Sales, Rapra Technology, +44 (0) 1939 250383, e-mail