Versa-Matic has teamed up with Blagdon to offer a line of high-pressure pumps. This series includes three models that address a full range of high-pressure applications that standard air-operated double diaphragm pumps may not have the power to effectively handle. The VM E2HP 2-inch Standard Flow pump is made from stainless steel and delivers up to 200 pounds per square inch of pressure, with standard flow at a rate of up to 69 gal/min. The BL N25 1-inch and BL N50 2-inch Full Flow pumps both deliver pressure as high as 238 pounds per square inch, however the N25 has a standard flow rate of 30 gal/min, while the N50 can achieve a standard flow rate as high as 90 gal/min. Both BL models are available in choice of aluminum or stainless steel. All three models feature an innovative non-stalling, non-icing air valve system with shoe valve technology, to eliminate blow-by and provide lube-free operation. A full line of accessories is also available to enhance the performance of these rugged machines.

To learn more, contact Versa-Matic at 724-327-7867, or fax 724-327-4300.