CODACO has announced that Johnson Polymer, LLC of Sturtevant, WI, has made a strategic capital investment in the company. The agreement includes strategic initiatives between the two organizations concerning the development and production of radio frequency (RF) polymers for use in the patented CODACO bonding system. In addition, Johnson Polymer has organized an internal group, with worldwide resources, to support its strategic relationship with CODACO. "Our unique polymer technology is one of the enabling elements of the CODACO RF bonding system," explains Mike Dalton, Johnson Polymer business director. "We are investing in CODACO because we have seen the benefits this technology can bring to helping customers improve the efficiency and simplicity of their processes as well as enabling them to create new products that are not possible with existing bonding methods. We believe in this technology and want to help CODACO accelerate the commercialization process." While details of the agreement are not being made public, CODACO stated that the two organizations are engaged in cooperative formulating efforts in close coordination with CODACO customers.

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