DuraPail bulk melters deliver simple, low-maintenance application of hot melt adhesives, sealants and butyls from 20-liter or 5-gallon pails for product assembly operations. Standard features include manual pressure control and blow-off valves. Easy-to-use controls and status-at-a-glance indicators further simplify programming and operation. A 7-day clock allows automatic daily startup and shutdown. The rugged, flexible design offers choices of gear pumps and preset fixed motor speeds to meet varied production output requirements. Operation is made easy with handgun trigger connections and single-side access for controls and pail changes. The dual hose/gun configuration allows supply of two independent applications from a single DuraPail melter. DuraPail bulk melters offer a choice of modular, non-stick platens with easy change platen seals. The axially-finned platen provides high melt rates. A smooth-surface platen is ideally suited for processing moisture-cure, reactive hot melts.

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