IPC- Association Connecting Electronics Industries has announced its technical conference and professional development courses to be held Oct. 24-28 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN. The one-day technical conference on Oct. 28 will cover design, flex and chips, and packing and storing. There will be four sessions, including one on NSWC Crane's ECIT - Emerging/Critical Interconnect Technology project. Over 20 paper presentations are included in these sessions, which include papers from companies like Lockheed Martin, 3M and Motorola. IPCWorks 2004 professional development courses will be held on Wed., Oct. 27, and will cover roadmapping, lead-free technology, and embedded passives. There will also be both basic and advanced IPC Designers Certification courses during this week, followed by the certification exam. Those people interested in completing the first segment of EMS Program Management training can also do so at this event. In addition to the courses and conferences, nearly 70 standards development committee meetings will take place.

For more information, visit http://www.ipc.org/IPCWorks2004 or call (847) 790-5342.