DEK, a leading high-accuracy, mass-imaging solutions provider, has announced a new distribution agreement that will enhance service and support for its Irish customers. Maxem Engineering, Ltd. has been named the exclusive Irish distributor for DEK and will provide DEK customers with the service, personalized attention and product expertise they have come to expect. Originally founded as a refurbished equipment business, Maxem brings a unique perspective to its role as a distributor. In addition to the company's tremendous expertise and complete understanding of the DEK product line, Maxem has an excellent grasp of the superior engineering behind all of DEK's products. This knowledge base will help to ensure that Maxem provides DEK's customers throughout Ireland with outstanding support and service. "We are delighted to have a dedicated Irish distributor with such a high level of market knowledge," comments Richard Castle, DEK UK sales manager. "We have worked with the team at Maxem for many years and are very excited about their new role with DEK." Because of its history in the refurbished equipment business, Maxem adds another unique element to the relationship by providing DEK with an Irish outlet in which to sell previously owned machines from customers who are upgrading or purchasing new equipment.

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