As part of its final distribution of funds to support packaging education, the Packaging Education Forum (PEF) is distributing $400,000 in assets to packaging programs at six universities. The distribution of assets is part of the PEF dissolution plan, which the PEF Board of Directors plans to carry out by June 30, 2004. The $400,000 is being distributed as one-time grants to the following programs: $200,000 to the Packaging Program at San Jose State University for the establishment of a Packaging Education Forum Packaging Research and Development laboratory; $100,000 to the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences for the establishment of the "Packaging Education Forum's Endowment in Packaging Science"; $25,000 to the Packaging Science program at Clemson University in support of its capital needs for research, teaching equipment and laboratory upgrades; $25,000 to the School of Packaging at Michigan State University for the purchase, maintenance and upgrading of software, hardware, processing and filling equipment, instrumentation and new technologies; $25,000 to the Packaging Science Department at Rochester Institute of Technology for the expansion/development of its materials/containers laboratory; and $25,000 to the packaging program at the University of Wisconsin/Stout to support the equipment, supplies and services acquisitions of the packaging program.