A new DVD bonding system that features pulsed UV curing to provide rapid cycle times with low heat and highly efficient tilt management has been introduced by Xenon Corp. of Woburn, MA. The Xenon CoolCureXL-DVD Bonding System features pulsed UV curing lamps which are capable of 0.6 second cure times for DVD-5 formats because they provide high peak power that penetrates the polycarbonate disc efficiently. Reducing the overall cycle time of DVD bonders, pulsed lamps are inherently cooler than continuous wave mercury lamps, and tilt management is easily achieved using lamps on both the top and bottom during the curing process. Eliminating the need for DVD repositioning while rapidly curing, the Xenon CoolCureXL-DVD Bonding System uses spiral-shaped lamps that precisely match a DVD's profile, exposing it fully to the 1000 w/cm² peak pulse power. Offering bonding systems for all DVD formats, pulsed UV curing lamps provide instant on/off, fast cycle times, cool operation, and simplicity of design for integration into a wide range of optical disc bonding equipment.

For more information, visit http://www.xenoncorp.com .