Dead Sea Bromine Group of ICL Industrial Products has announced increases in list and off-list prices for FR-1206 (HBCD=Hexabromocyclododecane) and FR-613 (TBP=Tribromophenol). Prices for FR-1206 will be increased by $0.16 per pound in the US, 0.30 Euros per kilogram in Europe, and $0.35 per kilogram in the rest of the world. Prices for FR-613 will be increased by $0.2 per kilogram globally. Subject to existing contracts, the price increases went into effect Nov. 1. The company said that increasing raw material, energy, labor and transportation costs prompted the increases, which are needed to maintain prices allowing for reinvestment in production facilities and ancillary services, and to continue providing products with high service and stewardship.

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