Jarchem Industries, Inc. has announced the introduction of new Jarcol I-13 IsoTridecyl Alcohol. What makes Jarcol I-13 different from other tridecyl alcohols is that Jarchem's brand is low in odor and is 99% or higher in purity. The virtual purity of Jarcol I-13 serves to enhance its free alcohol, PEG content, melt point and wetting times. It is also biodegradable and has acceptable aquatic toxicity levels. Jarcol I-13 is suitable for use in ethoxylates and propoxylates, esters and other derivatives, and as a diluent/solubilizer in paints and inks. These chemicals are often used to formulate personal care products, surfactants, lubricants, inks, coatings and agricultural chemicals. Nick Diaconis of Jarchem's Specialty Chemical Division says, "Jarchem is proud to introduce Jarcol I-13 IsoTridecyl Alcohol, our most recent addition to our extensive portfolio of alcohols. In addition to its purity and low odor, Jarcol I-13 is an extremely versatile alcohol that can enhance the properties of products in many areas. Jarchem offers the largest selection of specialty alcohols in the industry, as well as the technical expertise to cover every application and meet every requirement."

For more information, visit http://www.jarchem.com .