Harvin Reaction Technology has announced the introduction of a new product line based on aliphatic isocyanates. Dick Baum, Harvin's vice president Operation and general manager, announced the company's new line of business. "Now available to our customers," Mr. Baum stated, "are 100 percent solids prepolymers of most aliphatic isocyanate types using a variety of polyol backbones. Aliphatic isocyanates exhibit improved chemical resistance and outstanding lightfastness for exterior applications, plus improved chemical resistance in other end uses. Prepolymers based on aliphatic isocyanates can be utilized in a variety of adhesive, coating, sealant and plural component polyurethane markets." Custom formulations for specific applications are also available. Harvin, which traces its roots back to 1968, has recently expanded both its bulk storage tank and reactor capabilities. Harvin is a member of the Chemical Group of DASH Multi-Corp, St. Louis, MO.

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