PIAB Vacuum Products now offers Therban suction cups as an ideal solution for material handling applications in the automotive industry. PIAB's Therban suction cups are made of an innovative, head and oil resistant rubber material especially designed for use in environments where aggressive lubricants or extreme temperatures exist. These suction cups are ideal for handling a variety of materials used in automotive applications, such as oily or wet parts, glass or transparent plastics, high temperature materials, and materials requiring paint or varnish. Unlike conventional suction cups, which can give way when used on slick surfaces or under extreme temperatures, the unique Therban material allows the cups to form a proper seal on the material being handled - under any circumstance. In addition, PIAB's Therban suction cups are specifically constructed not to leave any marks on the surfaces that they handle, which keeps manufacturers from having to go back and clean scratched product. As a result, overall productivity is increased, production stoppages are reduced, and the product quality is superior.

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