The headquarters of the BASF Group is located on the Rhine River, in Ludwigshafen, Germany.
LUDWIGSHAFEN, Germany - BASF has been ranked the world's most admired chemical company byFortunemagazine.Fortunepublishes its list of the world's most admired companies every year. The rankings are based on surveys of more than 10,000 directors, executives and managers at 345 companies around the world.

Survey respondents were asked to rank the other companies in their industry in nine areas: management quality; product and service quality; innovation; long-term investment value; financial strength; ability to attract, develop and retain talent; responsibility to the community and the environment; wise use of corporate assets; and global business acumen.

"The Fortune methodology is significant because industry rankings are derived from your competitors within the industry," said Donald J. McGrath, vice president of Corporate Communications for BASF in North America. "This is a jury of your peers."

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