DYMAX has created a "Guide to Selecting and Using Light Curing Materials." The 16-page guide includes sections on choosing a light curing adhesive or coating, typical product properties, comparative advantages and disadvantages versus other assembly technologies, selecting curing equipment, and maintaining controlled processes. With just a brief introduction to the history of light curing assembly materials, the educational piece is primarily directed toward manufacturers considering UV and visible light curing materials, and manufacturers already using light curing materials that want to improve the consistency of their processes. Prospective users of light curing materials will find the 5-step sequence for choosing a light curing material especially useful. Sections describing the properties of light cure acrylates and epoxies will be helpful to those targeting specific physical properties. Current users of light curing materials will find the sections on maintaining process control beneficial. In particular, recommendations are made on how to match light curing materials, curing equipment and process variables.

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