Dyneon and SpecialChem S.A. have entered into an e-marketing agreement focused on promoting the use of innovative Dynamar Polymer Processing Additives (PPAs). The use of Dynamar PPAs can significantly reduce or eliminate die build-up, melt fracture and gel formation when processing a multitude of polyolefins and thermoplastics. Through SpecialChem's platform dedicated to polymer additives and colors services,http://www.SpecialChem4Polymers.com , resin producers, compounders, masterbatch producers and processors can access a free-of-charge online TechCenter, which provides leading-edge Dynamar PPA technical information. The TechCenter, in combination with an online expert advice service and online training sessions on Dynamar PPA technology, will help increase adoption of Dynamar PPA technology both in growth regions and new applications.

For more information, visit http://www.SpecialChem4Polymers.com .