Inter-Mold Corp. has announced the availability of Inter-Mold Hook technology (IMH), which eliminates the material and labor costs of attaching hook material to plastic. IMH is a patented technology that allows one-step injection molding of hook fasteners directly into plastic parts. The process is the result of twelve years of research and development. It has been successfully commercialized with over 100 million square inches of molded hook, saving millions of dollars. IMH can be used anywhere hook and loop touch fasteners are used today. Industrial applications can be found in the automotive, aviation and healthcare industries. Consumer products such as footwear, toys, cases, mops and sporting goods all benefit from the designed-in look and high performance of IMH. The process is compatible with a range of injection-molded thermoplastics. Inter-Mold has tested over 40 specific resins from a wide range of polymers including polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, acetal and thermoplastic urethanes (TPU). New materials are being tested and added to the list of IMH compatible resins regularly.

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