National Adhesives has released a data sheet on a new low temperature, hot melt adhesive for freezer-grade case and carton sealing. The data sheet lists the features and benefits of Cool-Lok 34-207B adhesive and includes charts that illustrate fiber tear percentage and viscosity in relation to temperature. Fiber tear indicates an adhesive bond that is stronger than the corrugated surface. The fiber tear of the 34-207B adhesive extends from –20 degrees F to 80 degrees F. Although designed for refrigerated and frozen products, the adhesive also exhibits heat resistance and has a set time of 1 to 2 seconds, making it ideal for high-speed packaging lines. Because the adhesive has an open time range of 2 to 3 seconds, it serves well for tough-to-bond stocks such as clay coated, solid bleached sulfate, recycled and some coated substrates.

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