IPL, a North American leader in the design and manufacture of innovative packaging, has introduced its Shure-Lock line of industrial pails, a uniquely user-friendly solution for packaging, protecting and displaying a wide variety of industrial products. IPL's innovative new pails are easy to open, close, hot-fill, handle and ship. These leak-proof containers seal without the use of gaskets and act as an ideal packaging solution for a range of products, including powder detergents, adhesives, sauces, glazes, and other industrial applications. Shure-Lock industrial pail lids are much easier to open than gasket lids and require no opening tools; users simply break a tab and pull off the lid. Lids reseal perfectly, even when inverted. IPL's Shure-Lock pails are made with polypropylene, so they exhibit great top-load strength, especially in hot-fill applications.

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