New brochures for instruments in the Malvern Bohlin rheometers range can now be freely downloaded from the Malvern Instruments website at These brochures provide the latest information about the features and applications of the Gemini, C-VOR, CVO, and Visco 88 systems. The Gemini is a modular, high-specification, research-grade rheometer that can be used with a range of measurement geometries, temperature controllers and accessories. A high-resolution, modular rheometer and dynamic spectrometer system, the C-VOR has many accessories in common with the Gemini. Triple motor control provides an advanced instrument also suitable for product development and research grade applications. The CVO rheometer is a practical, compact unit that is easy to set up and control, making it suitable for high-use QC applications, and offers the flexibility of bespoke user-defined measurement procedures. Finally, the Visco 88 is a portable, dependable and versatile viscometer for use in either the field or the lab.

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