Moyno, Inc. has announced the launch of its newly redesigned Moyno 2000 G2 Pump, intended to tackle applications with medium viscosity slurries and sludges with solids in suspension where bridging is a concern. The new design features the proprietary Moyno Ultra-Feed Technology, which maximizes the pump's performance and service life. The G2 also features a wide inlet and a single auger feed into the pumping elements. The auger extends into the extension tube area, which ensures that product is fed directly into the progressing cavity pumping elements for optimal efficiency. The wide, open-throat hopper design minimizes plugging that can occur in pipe inlets. The G2's hopper is available in 1-, 1.5- and 2-meter lengths to match the customer's requirements, ensuring easy, cost-effective installation and optimal material feed from centrifuges and belt filter presses for application versatility.

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