StateMix, a company with more than 35 years of experience in the polyurethane industry, has developed the new Vortex Mixer, a centrifuge-type mixer that can blend, disperse and de-gas materials over a range of viscosities. With the Vortex Mixer, pre-polymer resins, curatives, powdered additives, silicon, epoxy systems and other difficult-to-blend materials can be effectively mixed in a fraction of the time required by conventional mixing methods, and without the usual air entrapment. The Vortex Mixer blends liquids and/or powders by rotating a pail containing the materials in tow axes simultaneously, but in opposite directions, at a very high RPM. Both speed and duration of the mix is pre-adjustable in the Vortex Mixer, and both are set according to the viscosity, temperature, and types of materials being combined. Most materials are completely mixed within 10 to 40 seconds, and up to five pounds of material can be mixed in one batch.

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