Speedline Technologies has announced the availability of its MPM UltraDot glue printer, an advanced adhesive deposition system that meets the needs of today's high-throughput electronics assembly lines. "Printing adhesives has become popular as electronic circuit boards grow more densely populated and as assembly line capacity increases," said Dennis O'Neal, director of materials deposition products at Speedline. "As throughput requirements accelerate, printing becomes a more viable alternative." The UltraDot glue printer offers significant advantages over adhesive dispensing technology, including: printing speeds of up to 145,000 dots per hour, at a lower cost per dot; unlimited number of dots placed in one squeegee stroke (cycle time is not affected by the number of dots); and unlimited combinations of dot sizes and shapes. The system is available with MPM's advanced Rheometric pump technology and handles all glue printing applications and stencil types. It can also be used for solder paste printing.

For more information, visit http://www.speedlinetech.com .