RadTech - The Association for ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) technology was recently recognized for "Excellence in Advancement of Air Pollution Technology" at the 17th Annual Clean Air Awards by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) in Los Angeles. UV and EB technologies are used to cure or dry coatings, inks, adhesives, and composites without the high levels of polluting emissions of traditional technologies. The technology is used in the automotive, printing and packaging, wood, electronics, plastics, and aerospace industries. As a pollution prevention technology, the process minimizes waste, saves energy and is generally considered more productive and safer to use than other processes. "I applaud RadTech for their commitment to our environment," said Councilwoman Jan Perry, Los Angeles Governing Board Member of the SCAQMD. "Their innovation has resulted in a fast-emerging technology that supports our efforts to prevent pollution, reduce waste and offer a safe technology."