Seepex, Inc. has announced the completion of a major expansion at its American headquarters in Enon, OH. The addition marks a 30% increase in total facility space, resulting in 26,000 square feet to accommodate consistent growth since their last building expansion in 1999. The addition, completed in April, allows for a 42.6% increase in factory space and a 20% increase in office space. A spacious conference/training room, capable of seating 60, and offices to accommodate 8 additional administrative personnel were added. The new factory space supports a streamlined workflow in the areas of pump assembly, stator production, materials handling and shipping. Additions within the new space include an enclosed and heated paint booth, a stator adhesive application booth, a tube rinse station, an elastomer storage room, and a 73% area increase in the air-conditioned stator measuring room. Acquisitions for the new space include a new mill and lathe, a 30,000 psi rubber injection machine, two lift trucks, overhead traveling cranes, new pallet shelving, and cantilever racks.

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