A new, highly flexible modular curing system designed for a range of applications, including DVD production, medical devices, semiconductor wafer, disc drive, and optics fabrication, has been introduced by Xenon Corp. of Wilmington, MA. The Xenon CoolCureXL RC-800 Series Curing System features high-intensity pulsed UV lamps (mercury-free) with single- or dual-lamp operation, a controller that provides instant on/off, and a power supply. Designed for easy integration into an in-line manufacturing process, this highly flexible modular system permits top-down and bottom-up curing configurations to provide higher throughput with low substrate temperature. Suitable for chemistries that absorb light at 180 to 1000 nm, the Xenon CoolCure XL RC-800 Series Curing System's high-energy UV process does not create or use VOCs.

For more information, visit www.xenoncorp.com or call (800) 936-6695.