Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc.'s new Servo-Flo 704 servomotor-driven, continuous-flow meter, mix and dispense system is designed for high-precision, automated, and manual dispensing of two-component adhesive and sealant materials. The Servo-Flo 704 system is ideal for low- to medium-viscosity materials. It will accommodate nearly all material ratios without a change of components. With servomotor control of material output volume and mix ratio, the Servo-Flow 704 system delivers precise shot volumes and exact bead profiles. Material is delivered to the system by pressure tanks or pumps. The dispense rate can be altered during the dispense process to provide a variety of bead profile sizes and material flow rates. The continuous-flow design eliminates the need for a reload cycle and facilitates lengthy beads, large shot volumes, and fast production cycles.

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