The electronics group of Henkel has introduced several new liquid flux materials to suit varying manufacturing requirements. Multicore MF101, MF200, MF300 and MFR301 liquid fluxes have all been made commercially available and address the specific product demands of some of today's more advanced electronics applications. Multicore MF101 and MF300 are both VOC-free, high-activity, no-clean liquid fluxes that meet the most demanding legislation on volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions (<1% VOC). MF101 is suitable for spray application only, and MF300 can be applied by spray or foam. MF200 is ideal for consumer electronic products and general electrical lead-free soldering applications, especially where there has been a high level of mid-pad solder balling, as this product significantly reduces or eliminates micro-solder balling. And Multicore MFR301, a no-clean, sustained-activity flux, is ideal for quick soldering on conventional leaded and SMD components. The activator package in this material is similar to a previous product, but the acid value has been increased to further enhance efficacy, especially when soldering to poorly preserved substrates and components.

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