Peroxymeric Chemicals (PXC), a business unit of Epoxy Products and Intermediates (EP&I) of The Dow Chemical Company, has announced it is declaring force majeure for all products, including CYRACURE™ cycloaliphatic epoxides; FLEXOL™ epoxidized soybean and linseed oils; and TONE™ polyols, polymers, and monomers. Dow produces all PXC products using raw materials from a plant at the Union Carbide facilities at St. Charles Operations (SCO) in Hahnville, LA. "Our ability to ship PXC products has been completely halted by the impact of Hurricane Katrina," says Joerg Duebel, PXC product manager, Dow EP&I. "We are still assessing the situation and do not know when we will be able to restore normal operations or ship product from the site."

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