The new Model 2200-245-125 Tip-Seal® dispense valve is designed for precision dispensing of low- to high-viscosity flowable materials. It is also used in high-speed stitching or repetitive on-off applications where short segments of material are deposited onto a surface. The Tip-Seal design is ideal for dispensing solvent-based, moisture-curing and stringy materials, such as silicones or polyurethanes. The valve opens and closes its material passage at the tip of the nozzle to precisely start and stop material flow. Sealing at the tip also prevents material from hardening in the nozzle, oozing or dripping. The valve's precision dowel and screw holes allow easy and accurate mounting. The 2.5" tip length (63.5mm) enables the valve to reach into parts and fixturing. Other tip lengths are available. Material is delivered to the Tip-Seal valve by either a metering assembly or under regulated pressure from supply tanks or pumps available from Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc.
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