APS: Two-Component Cartridge

In combination with a dispensing gun and a Sulzer Mixpac®System, resins can be easily, quickly and accurately dispensed without mess by using a new two-component cartridge available from Adhesive Packaging Specialties Inc. The compact design takes less space than comparable-sized cartridges and fits all standard 380 ml dispensing guns. The cartridge can be used in almost all manual, pneumatic and battery powered caulking tools. The accurate ratio control guarantees perfect mixing of almost all chemical materials (such as epoxies, polyurethane, acrylics, polyesters and silicones) from start to finish. Available in either polypropylene or nylon to ensure adhesive compatibility, all have a shut-off valve for a precise on/off control of liquid flow. The Sulzer Mixpac®System is made in Germany to precise European standards.

For more information, visitwww.adhesivepackaging.com.

MAX MACHINERY: Gear Flow Meters

Max Machinery, Inc. announces the release of a new line of precision gear flow meters. Long known for their leading-edge fluid flow meters featuring the stability and simplicity of positive displacement measurement, Max’s new gear flow meters incorporate many innovations that provide superior quality and accuracy at competitive prices.

The new meters operate at maximum flow rates of 45 L/min and 105 L/min, respectively, with 0.3% of reading accuracy across a 100:1 flow range, an exceptionally small margin of error over such a wide range of flow. All meters are calibrated with 30 cP fluid but are compatible with fluid viscosities ranging from under 5 cP up to 100,000 cP and beyond. Rugged stainless steel bodies are designed to operate at pressures as high as 6000 psi and operate in a wide range of environments. The gear design has been optimized to minimize pressure drop and eliminate the high flow rate cavitation that many gear flow meters exhibit. Max gear meters are ideal for a large variety of applications, including hydraulic testing, motion control, and precision dispensing, and are particularly well-suited to processes involving extremely viscous fluids, such as adhesives and sealants.

For more information, visitwww.maxmachinery.com.