ADCHEM: Double-Coated Tape

Adchem Corp., a leading manufacturer of innovative pressure-sensitive adhesive tape systems, has announced the introduction of its new 5944M double-coated tape. Combining the benefits of both rubber and acrylic adhesive technologies, this versatile bonding tape is designed for demanding foam fabrication bonding applications in the transportation and appliance industries where insulation and sound reduction requirements abound. 5944M is designed with a high-tack, high-peel, moderate-shear rubber-based adhesive coating on the liner side. The exposed side of 5944M is coated with a high-tack, low-shear acrylic adhesive. The carrier is a 0.5 mil polyester film that facilitates die cutting. Physical properties of this product include adhesive coating with an exposed side of 1.5 mils and a liner side of 1.3 mils.

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Bogard Lagman, executive vice president of Charles Ross & Son Co., has announced the launch of a new website covering the company's products and capabilities. The new website at includes background information on the company, its facilities and its extensive line of equipment. Highlights of the new site include: product information on all mixers, blenders, dryers, dispersers, vessels and control systems; a multimedia product tour; technical articles; photographs of typical equipment; literature; links to technical publications; and Test & Development Center details.

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Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc.'s new See-Flo® 202 Air-Draulic™ meter system is the second in the Micro-Meter 2 product line series. See-Flo 202 is a positive-displacement, two-component meter-mix dispensing system designed to apply small precision beads and small metered shots of precisely mixed resins, such as epoxies, acrylics, urethanes, and silicones. Air-Draulic (air-over-oil) drive motor design provides consistent and repeatable bead profiles and adjustable metered-shot volumes. It improves production rates and product quality, and reduces manufacturing costs in any dispensing application.

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