Dur-O-Set Elite Ultra binder technology improves the wet strength characteristics of nonwovens and other substrates in both water and solvent applications. The R&D advancement behind this product improves wet strength by more than 40% over previous state-of-the-art technology. It also allows manufacturers to reach wet strength targets by using 10-25% less binder, thus reducing overall costs of production. This patent covers vinyl acetate-based emulsions including vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE), vinyl acrylic or vinyl acetate homopolymer. The major application for the Dur-O-Set Elite Ultra technology is in the manufacture of a broad range of wipes - a key growth area for nonwovens manufacturers and for consumer products companies. End-use applications for this technology include pre-moistened personal care and baby wipes, household cleaning products and industrial wipes where strength and durability are critical issues. These improved performance characteristics will offer end-product manufacturers the opportunity to commercialize new product forms and to grow the overall wipes category.

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