The monthly roundup from Editor Teresa McPherson.

We’re pleased to announce several new additions to our website this month. As part of our new expanded coverage of polymers this year, we’ve established a partnership with GEM-Chem, Brussels, Belgium, to offer GEM-Chem’s Polymers Library on theASIwebsite. This valuable resource consists of articles on the synthesis, processing and production of polymers. It also includes newsreels updated daily, global capacities of plastics, and several articles on management topics. New articles are added to the site on a monthly basis.

“We feel this resource will be a valuable addition to our magazine’s online content,” said Publisher Sue Love. “Readers will benefit from the depth of information that can be found on the site.”

Speaking of polymers, we’re covering this important issue this month in the form of several articles. “Corona Surface Treatments and Bonding with Silicone Adhesives” examines how the polymeric structure of silicone adhesives allows polysiloxanes to be used in an array of applications because it allows for different types of polysiloxanes. And see “Polymer Glossary” for a comprehensive listing of polymer terms, as well as a list of common abbreviations.

In addition, look for coverage of polymers in the form of a special report in the June issue, as well as in the December Buyers’ Guide.

We’ve added the following to the homepage as well:
  • Ask Dr. Dave hotlink - an online form to send questions in for Dr. Dave’s monthly column
  • Submit press releases - an online form to submit news releases to our editorial department for consideration in the magazine
  • Submit classifieds - an online form to submit classified advertisements electronically
We hope all of these will facilitate easier communication with our readers and advertisers, and make the website more functional and user-friendly. If you have any suggestions for us, we’d be glad to hear them. Please direct your comments to me by e-mail