Dow Corning®InstantGlaze II sealant allows easy application and installation of glass for residential and small commercial window and door manufacturers while increasing productivity up to 33 percent over tape glazing.

InstantGlaze II sealant was developed in response to customer feedback following the successful launch of InstantGlaze I in 2004. This product’s softness and low viscosity allows it to squeeze down during application to increase contact surface with the window while offering the same green strength, reduced hold time and increased efficiency of Dow Corning InstantGlaze I. The softer texture of InstantGlaze II also increases elasticity and elastic recovery performance.

InstantGlaze I and InstantGlaze II sealants can be used with vertical application equipment, which eliminates the need to raise and lower the product for traditional horizontal glazing application methods, saving time and labor. The sealant’s patented formulation delivers the superior performance of silicone without the squeeze-out problems and cure hold times of other wet glazing methods. InstantGlaze I is used in the commercial and residential sales markets. InstantGlaze II is used solely in the residential and light construction markets.

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