ASYMTEK: Coating Jet

Using a needle design with non-contact jetting action and fast pulse-width modulated control, the SC-400 PreciseCoat™ Conformal Coating Jet delivers to areas not accessible by other applicators. Small volumes and precision control of the conformal coating material enable line widths down to 1.2 millimeters (0.05 inch) wide. Film thicknesses of 15 micrometers are achievable when using solvent-based material. Acrylics, silicones, urethanes, UV-cure and water-based materials with a viscosity range of 1 to 850 cps can be jetted. The PreciseCoat Jet provides flexibility for many diverse conformal coating applications in industries such as automotive, commercial, avionics, military and the medical market. Multiple dot sizes can be delivered from the same applicator, yielding small volumes with good volume control. A dual-valve configuration is available when the operation requires coverage of a large area in addition to precision conformal coating.

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CONPROTEC: Dispensing System

The MIXPAC® F System consists of a manual or pneumatic dispensing gun, a cartridge and a static mixer, all designed to work together as an integrated, high-performance system. MIXPAC Cartridge Dispensing Systems are used to dispense two-component adhesives in a variety of volumetric ratios. The F System features an improved, state-of-the-art design to the cartridge, static mixer and nose plug interface. This improved design allows for the mixing and dispensing of higher-viscosity adhesives, and also allows for higher pressures in dispensing.

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NOVEON: Copolymer

Carbobond® 2862 copolymer from Noveon offers excellent adhesion to a variety of printed substrates. Ideal for blister-pack and heat-seal coating applications, Carbobond 2862 copolymer combines favorable properties from both solvent-based and water-polymer systems for added flexibility in a functional coating. This product features rapid sealing and low activation temperatures. It can be formulated as a blister pack coating to seal properly up to 20-25°F lower than typical waterborne technology, and is within 10-15°F of any solvent-based system. As a result, converters can run at faster line speeds and benefit from the higher efficiencies. Carbobond 2862 copolymer also has gloss characteristics that exceed waterborne polyurethane dispersions and mirror solvent-based systems, providing higher aesthetic value.

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The new Model 2600-001-006/7 Tip-Seal® dispense valve was designed for high flow rates and precision fluid control of level-seeking materials, and is ideal in applications requiring high-volume fluid transfer, precise level control for filling operations, and dripless valve shut-off. The valve assembly consists of a double-acting actuator, a 13.7" (350 mm) extension nozzle and a carbide Tip-Seal needle to prevent dripping fluid material at shut-off. For high-volume fluid transfer, the Tip-Seal Valve can flow up to 6 gpm (22.7 lpm) with the 0.406" (10.3 mm) orifice nozzle. For accurate filling of housings, containers and vessels, the optional level-sensing probe and controller is used to automatically stop the flow of material when the desired fluid level is reached.

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