ARKEMA: Nylon Modifier

Arkema Inc. is now manufacturing Pebax®MP1878 additive at its Birdsboro, PA facility. Pebax®MP1878 is a new and increasingly popular additive for industrial nylon-6 films that improves elongation strength and low-temperature performance and strengthens pinhole resistance.

Once only available from Arkema’s production plant in Serquiny, France, Pebax®MP1878 additive is now more easily available to North American nylon producers. In-line addition of Pebax®MP1878 at 10 to 20 weight percent as a simple blend allows industrial nylon-6 film to be more robust at low temperature and humidity and improves formability.

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Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC, the global leader in weathering testing services and technology, has added an enhanced digital control system to their Ci3000+ Weather-Ometer and Fade-Ometer giving operators more options, flexibility and control of their accelerated weathering testing. Known as the world standard for lightfastness testing and approved by nearly all major US and European retailers in the textile industry, the 3000®Series enhancement equates to the most advanced and easy-to-use xenon weathering test instruments the industry has ever seen.

"Using the same logical flow for ease-of-use, we've dramatically enhanced the operating infrastructure of the 3000 Series," says Matt McGreer, General Manager Weathering Instruments Products for Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC. "Employing extensive research and customer insight, we've identified new innovative standards and incorporated the most up-to-date technology for the control system upgrade. This translates into a Ci3000+ Weather-Ometer that precisely meets and exceeds customers weathering and lightfastness testing needs."

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CHARLES ROSS & SON CO.: High Shear Mixer

Charles Ross & Son Company has announced the introduction of a new model of its proven line of High Shear Mixers.

The PM Model incorporates a rotor/stator configuration that promotes dual flow through a special Delta rotor/stator. This higher flow promoted by this design is ideal for use in agglomerate reduction and the production of fine emulsions.

When a media mill is used to finish a product in a single pass, the PM Model can most often eliminate the need for the mill altogether. When the product requires multiple passes in a Media Mill, experience has shown the PM can reduce milling time by up to 50% of that which is normally required. Cycle times of 15 – 30 minutes are typical.

The PM Model is designed as a batch mixer and is mounted on a conventional air/oil hydraulic lift system. Several models are available from 5 through 200 HP.

Typical applications are found throughout the process industries and include chemical dispersions, fine food emulsions, condiments, cosmetics, adhesives, etc.

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NORDSON: Adhesive System

New Classic XV adhesive systems from Nordson Corporation use field-proven technology to provide reliable performance and ease of use in agricultural packaging applications. The 15-liter tank is specifically engineered to deliver the amounts of adhesive needed for bliss box forming. Bliss boxes are durable packages that are frequently utilized to protect produce from damage during transportation and handling.

These adhesive systems maintain functionality in harsh conditions where little to no shelter is available, such as fresh produce packaging environments. Classic XV adhesive systems also provide these customers and markets with equipment that is easy to operate and maintain without extensive training. A wide input voltage and frequency range helps accommodate small or remote generators with variable power supplies.

The adhesive melter features a 15-liter tank capacity, non-electronic thermostat controls and reliable dual-acting piston pumps. The system comes complete with ClassicBlueTMadhesive guns featuring EasyOnTMmodules and thermostat-based temperature controls. EasyOn mounting delivers guided, one-way fit for the module and gun body surfaces to ease installation.

Classic systems blend innovative current Nordson products with the more basic control and operator interfaces of established Nordson adhesive equipment. Neon lights indicate system on/off status and tank heating for improved operator safety. In addition, a basic operation guide and a spare parts list is graphically represented on the front control panel.

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Sealant Equipment & Engineering introduces their new Peltier series Thermoelectric Temperature Controller for controlling the fluid temperature of adhesives, sealants, lubricants and other materials in meter, mix and dispensing systems.

Unlike other larger, higher-cost and less-accurate heating and cooling devices, which use heater cartridges, refrigerant or water to heat and cool, these thermoelectric-effect temperature controllers use the Peltier-Seebeck effect to directly convert electrical voltage to thermal differentials. This effect, which is reversible, either heats or cools fluid materials with precision to the temperature set point. The compact Peltier thermoelectric device, temperature sensor and the temperature control is mounted to a manifold where the fluid passes through to be precisely heated, maintained or cooled.

The new Peltier series thermoelectric temperature control manifolds can be mounted in-line or on fluid dispensing equipment such as Sealant Equipment & Engineering’s 1- and 2-component metering systems. The Peltier series temperature manifolds may also include accessories such as fluid pressure sensors, fluid pressure gauges and inlet and outlet flow control valves.

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