Joseph Leon, General Manager of Bomar Specialties Company, has announced that the company will move from its original site in Winsted, CT, to larger facilities in nearby Torrington. Although the new building will more than double the laboratory space, the crucial element in this move is a three-fold expansion of the manufacturing operation. According to Leon, “We are significantly expanding our manufacturing capacity, but also becoming more versatile in our manufacturing processes. This will allow the production of new families of oligomers.”

The existing reactors from the Winsted plant have been upgraded and new reactors will be installed at the Torrington plant. The new plant will be fully operational by the end of October. Management and staff will move into the facility at 51 Greenwoods Road in mid-September.

Bomar Specialties Company is a leader in the development of new chemistries for UV/EB curing oligomers. These oligomers are used in a range of radiation curing products, including adhesives, coatings & inks, electronics and sealants.

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Cargill has deepened its commitment to biobased polyols development by opening the BiOHTMPolyols Research & Development Center with a staff of scientists focused on developing new polyol products and commercial applications for biobased polyols. The 19,000-square-foot facility in Plymouth, MN, includes a pilot production area to simulate customer production plants for testing of new products.

“We have built a world class R&D center to support the growth of a world class bio-based polyols business,” said Yusuf Wazirzada, business manager for biobased urethane polyols at Cargill. “This marks another milestone in our commitment to bring a more responsible choice to the polyurethane industry.”

Although initially launched in flexible foam for automotive, bedding and furniture, Cargill’s goal is to leverage the technology to replace petroleum-based polyols in a wide range of urethane applications, from rigid foams to elastomers.

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