Research Plastic’s new self-tooling caulking tube lays a fine or flat bead with no extra cutting, molding or removal of excess material. Called “self-tooling” because virtually no extra tooling is needed either on the tube or the product extruded from it, the tube contains a triangle-shaped device that acts as a guide for the bead; the end of the tube can be laid right into a groove, and the bead can be directly applied with little to no further work. The tube is also “self-burping,” which eliminates the problems of material shooting out when the tube is first opened and caulk continuing to eject from the tube when the user’s finger leaves the trigger.

“The self-tooling tube benefits both the professional painter and the do-it-yourselfer,” says Wayne Pulman, sales manager of Research Plastic. “The first major attribute is the very fine bead-once you cut open the tube you can have a very fine bead size.”

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