Dow Epoxy has introduced FORTEGRATM Epoxy Tougheners, low-viscosity materials for use in amine-, DICY-, anhydride- and phenolic-cured epoxy systems.

FORTEGRA Epoxy Tougheners are suitable for any applications where properties of epoxies (such as adhesion, corrosion and chemical resistance) are needed but greater mechanical performance is required. The FORTEGRA line is based on a specially designed, self-assembling block co-polymer that creates the particles needed for toughening the cured epoxy but does not result in big changes to other properties, such as viscosity, cure speed or chemical resistance.

FORTEGRA Epoxy Tougheners are available in four forms to make it easy for customers to incorporate into their formulations. FORTEGRA 100 is the Dow proprietary epoxy-toughening agent. Two of the grades - FORTEGRA 383-50 and FORTEGRA 383-5 - are blends of D.E.R.TM 383 Liquid Epoxy Resin with respective weight percentages of 50 and 5 of the toughening material. The remaining grade, FORTEGRA 664-12, is a 12 weight percent blend of the toughening material in D.E.R. 664, a medium-molecular-weight solid epoxy resin used mainly in powder coatings.

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