This company has announced the availability of the first high shear rotor/stator mixing system with 100% tungsten carbide fabricated internal tools. Through a proprietary process, the entire rotor/stator system is manufactured from pure tungsten carbide in a corrosion resistant nickel binder.

The extreme abrasion resistance of these tungsten carbide parts make the Cavitron high shear dispersion capabilities well suited for pigment dispersion and pigment manufacturing applications such as the manufacturing process for titanium dioxide.

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This company now offers a PowerMix mixer with a special touch screen control system. The touch screen package allows easy user interface and entry of standard recipes by operators.

The PowerMix combines a powerful planetary mixing blade revolving in combination with a separate high-speed dispersion blade. Both revolve on their own axes as well as on a common axis, and each can have its speed varied independent of the other. This combination allows a user to fine-tune the mixer to meet his specific process needs and the shear rates that are required to optimize his process. The PowerMix is used for high-viscosity vacuum mixing and dispersion, as well as the dispersion of minor liquid or powder ingredients into powder mixes.

The PowerMix is available in many sizes from a ½-gallon laboratory unit through a 750-gallon production model. Many optional features are supplied and include a range of materials of construction, vacuum and pressure designs, jackets to heat or cool, wall scrapers, sanitary construction, and more. Test and rental machines are also available.

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DOW CHEMICAL CO: Renewable Resource Technology

The Dow Chemical Co. has introduced RENUVATMRenewable Resource Technology, a proprietary process that helps polyurethane manufacturers make products that are performance-based and reduce impact on the environment. Distinct in the chemical industry, RENUVA Technology is used to produce bio-based polyols that allow high renewable content in the finished product with performance that rivals that of petroleum-based polyols.

Dow’s work on natural oil-based polyols, which began in the early 1990s, culminates with this next-generation technology, producing bio-based polyols that are virtually odor-free and can be customized to deliver enhanced performance benefits in a range of applications. Polyols made with RENUVA Technology will allow manufacturers of commercial and consumer products in the furniture and bedding, automotive, carpet and CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers) markets to more effectively differentiate themselves and meet their customers’ growing demand for finished products that are both high quality and environmentally sound.

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OSECO: Switchover Valve

This company has announced the availability of its new Deltaflow switchover valve, which minimizes plant down time in overpressure situations.

In pressure vessels and piping, relieving over-pressures before they reach potentially dangerous levels safeguards personnel from injury and equipment from damage. However, when a rupture disk bursts to relieve an over-pressure, it can mean process downtime. Oseco has solved this problem with the Deltaflow, allowing customers to use dual relief devices and eliminate process shut downs. When the disk on one side of the Deltaflow breaks, a reserve disk can be placed into service immediately by actuating the valve. The ruptured disk can then be replaced without system shut down.

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Specialty Coating Systems, Inc. (SCS) has introduced the SCS Precision IRT, a new curing system designed to quickly and safely cure a range of coatings using both convection and long-wave Infrared (IR) heat sources. The combination of both heat sources provides an energy-efficient process that is less expensive and faster to run than many other types of curing systems.

Features of the Precision IRT include: independently controlled convection and infrared heating modules; four-corner pneumatic lift for safe, easy access; removable drip pans for fast and easy maintenance; and large area filters and stainless steel filter frames for long life and impromptu replacement.

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A totally redesigned website for Union Process is now online With an all-new look, the site is streamlined to be more user-friendly with in-depth information on the company's wet and dry grinding attritors, small media mills, and grinding media available from the company.

In addition to equipment specifications and services including product development, custom manufacturing, toll milling, equipment refurbishing, and particle size analysis, visitors to the site can view and download current literature, news releases, and a trade show schedule. Visitors can also fill out requests for lab trials, machine quotes and spare parts. A search function of North American and international sales representatives and agents assists potential customers in identifying a local contact. E-mail contact links are also included.

The site also offers an Education Center, which in addition to detailing batch, circulation and continuous processing, also includes a library of technical articles about fine grinding.

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