The monthly roundup from Editor Teresa McPherson.

We’re starting the year off right with a variety of great editorial. This issue includes several editorial features on green chemistry, a topic that continues to dominate the industry.

Our coverage takes several approaches. One article looks at how Bayer MaterialScience is partnering with the University of Stuttgart and Purbond AG to develop polyurethane adhesives for wood construction. Find out more in “Polyurethane Adhesives for Modern Structural Wood Construction.”

Hercules Inc. and Heartland Resource Technologies LLC have launched a new R&D venture, H2H Innovations. The new organization will leverage existing soy-based adhesive technologies from both companies to accelerate the development of new adhesive products for the wood products industry. Read more in “Hercules & Heartland Resource Technologies Announce R&D Venture.”

“Water Works” examines how Velsicol is using an ultra-low-energy, low-waste solution to treat water at its Velsicol Eesti manufacturing facility in Kohtla-Järve, Estonia.

In addition, we’re proud to publish the 2007 winner of the PSTC’s Dahlquist Award in this issue. See “Advanced Polymer Design for Adhesives” for the complete paper.

The new year brings new changes to the magazine as well. In addition to providing you with the technical information you rely on, we are introducing a new feature. Bayer MaterialScience, an industry leader in polyurethane chemistry, will provide formulating help to our readers in a new feature, “Polyurethane Problem Solving.” Their team of experts can help you improve green strength and heat resistance, or adjust the reactivity of an adhesive, as well as provide solutions to improve the tensile strength, elongation, and UV stability of a sealant. Questions regarding contact bonding and laminating with polychloroprene can be addressed as well.


Questions will be answered by Dr. Jeffrey F. Dormish, Technical Manager, Business Development Group, Bayer MaterialScience LLC. Dormish is responsible for the development of new adhesive and sealant applications, and leads the Aromatic Prepolymer Technology Platform Group at Bayer.

E-mail your questions tomcphersont@bnpmedia.comwith the subject line “Polyurethane Problem Solving.” The feature will begin running in the April issue, so send your questions now.